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About Ozamba

Our story

The story of Ozamba Sports began in 2017, when Boris Rendambo was looking to combine his work in economic diplomacy with his passion for sports.

In Myènè, a dialect spoken in Gabon, Ozamba means access, opening doors. This meaning perfectly embodies the company’s mission. Unlocking opportunities for athletes while providing innovative solutions to our stakeholders in public and private sectors.

Ozamba is a Paris-based company composed of team members with a wide variety of backgrounds. This wealth of connections and international knowledge enable us to support athletes and the growth of our stakeholders.

Our mission

Our mission is to leverage our global expertise to unlock premium value strategic opportunities for our stakeholders. The sports industry has a tremendous potential.

All our relationships are based on trust. We work with our clients to fulfill their ambitions

Our values

We are committed to deliver premium value to our clients while ensuring social responsibility.



We are able to better conceive and anticipate our stakeholders needs while preventing pitfalls.


We believe in taking full responsibility for our actions and stand for what is right. We can only commit to what we can do and deliver.


We have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding and knowledge of this industry. We gather savvy corporate and sports professionals striving to make a difference

Our philosophy

CLIENT - Focused Strategy:

We put our clients at the center. We respect our stakeholders and we recognize the value and importance of our clients knowledge, experience, and needs.


We aim to think outside the box, to go further and beyond in order to add value for our clients.

Global outreach

We take pride in being a truly global company. We have a global outreach and can provide and deliver services in all countries.

Social responsability

We seek to have a positive and meaningful impact on societies in which we operate.

Premium services

We provide comprehensive and thorough solutions while ensuring sustainability of our business.

Quality relationships

We build strong and healthy relationships, thus, we are committed to engaging in a clear and honest way. We work together and celebrate success together.

Fan engagement

We respect and recognize the bond between fans and clubs. We also acknowledge the emergence of new technologies.

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